If you’ve got it, flaunt it: How a small Arts College library has used ingenuity and resourcefulness to support its students through Covid-19


Antonis Sideras


Wimbledon College of Arts (WCA)


Creativity, collaboration, research, empowerment


Wimbledon College of Arts (WCA) is one of the 6 colleges which make up University of the Arts London and is grouped with Chelsea and Camberwell to form the CCW cluster. Thus we are part of the larger CCW library team.

Our team at WCA has been doing the following to keep delivering our service remotely:

  • We have worked closely with academic staff to ensure students know what resources are available.
  • We have been collating external resources made available for the pandemic relevant to our subject areas so that students can easily access them.
  • We have increased our use of social media (Twitter and Instagram) to promote various types of online resources and to demonstrate ways of accessing them.
  • In conjunction with Chelsea and Camberwell staff we have set up daily CCW online drop-in sessions with Academic Support Librarians.
  • Our staff took the initiative to plan and deliver training sessions to support other staff members during the lockdown.

As you can see from these points, our team has been creative with the resources we’ve had access to and how we are utilising them to continue to offer the best support to our students during the crisis.


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