Slim & Fit – Libraries’ Lifestyle Changing in the COVID Period


Monika Fischer


Corvinus University of Budapest


Learning and research support, adaptability, collaboration


Being trendy, catchy, slim and fit – put simply, this is the aim and mission of any organization, including the University Library of Corvinus University of Budapest. In more technical terms, this means that the Library should be able to adapt to ongoing changes, currently to the needs of its users during this shocking epidemic crisis.

Using Prezi, we show how our strategic activities – learning and research support, and various services are accomplished using online interfaces (Teams, Zoom) during COVID-period. We emphasize our strength and ’fitness’ while we have also been forced to ’slim’ our traditional activities.

Our poster focuses on the presentation of training and consultation activities of our relatively newly-established project team, the so-called Writing Center. This team aims at developing the information literacy and academic communication competencies of students and academic staff as well. As a consequence of collaboration, flexibility and adaptability, transforming our activities into online went without major difficulties.

An academic library has to be an integral part of the digital ecosystem created and used by students and researchers. The forced ‘lifestyle change’ of the library proved to be productive and we believe that it will be sustainable in the future, since being O.N.L.I.N.E – Our Newish Library Is Nonstop Efficient – is trendy.


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