The initiative #AyudaBiblioteca in Spain: A SWOT analysis


Alicia Fatima Gomez-Sanchez;  María Marquínez-Cabrejas;  Juanma De la Cámara-De las Heras;  Concepción Campos-Asensio


1) Scholarly Communication Consultant, Madrid, España

2) Universidad de Navarra, Biblioteca de Ciencias, Pamplona, España;

3) Health Sciences Library. Hospital Universitario La Ribera, Valencia, España;

4) Biblioteca Médica del Hospital Universitario de Getafe, Madrid, España


COVID-19, SWOT analysis, Health librarians’ visibility


The request to work from home due to the COVID-19 crisis inspired more than 90 health sciences librarians and information specialists in Spain to join forces online to share doubts and exchange ways of working, tools, experiences, and documentation. The intention was to be more effective and provide a better response to the informational needs related to this pandemic to health professionals and researchers. This led to the initiative #AyudaBiblioteca, developed using collaborative tools such as Twitter, Google Site and Diigo for external communication, and WhatsApp and Google Drive for internal communication.

The objective of this poster is, first, to make this initiative known, and second, to present a SWOT analysis reflecting on how to improve our information services in crisis situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been able to analyse the weaknesses we faced and minimize them; moreover, this allowed us to know threats the library services face.

The study shows that thanks to this collaboration, we could transform the difficulties derived from the COVID-19 crisis into a great opportunity, taking advantage of our strengths and turning the weaknesses and threats that we found into professional challenges.

In short, this experience definitely served to improve our visibility. In addition, although health sciences librarians in Spain were prepared to respond to a crisis like the COVID-19, the voluntary involvement of professionals collaborating in this initiative was very helpful to provide a better response to this pandemic. Our intention now is to maintain this collaboration over time.


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