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How Did We Manage During the Pandemic Period, to Adapt our Services to Offer a 100% Virtual Library?


Karima Messad, Corinne Flacher-David, Florence Lyx


Grenoble École de Management


Teleworking, team motivation, remote management

Online services, remote library, agility

Abstract 1:

Work from home experience: how to keep your team well motivated by Corinne Flacher David, Head Librarian and Manager.

The Covid-19 crisis has brutaly forced Library managers to organize the teleworking of their teams. In this context, Grenoble école de Management library’s team has been involved. In my opinion, telework during this crisis must be managed in the same way as on-site work and as I have been practising for five years, i.e. management based on trust, autonomy, collaboration and regular reporting. And in my experience, remote management depends on the pre-existing level of trust with the team and their collaborative work habits. 1ST challenge, reintroduce conviviality… virtually I introduced a new practice in meetings once a week called ” today’s weather”, which allowed us to share by videoconference our personal mood. This time of sharing was very useful to express our feelings due to the crisis : difficulties,fears, happiness, small or big pleasures. And this particular time has increased the link and the motivation of my 10 team members. 2ND challenge : change the way of communicate and motivate The main objectif was to communicate on projects and manage the activity of my team without overloading them, either in a written way with the different tools and media at our disposal, or in an oral way with videoconferences that could have been excessive and anti-productive Let it go go go Finally, I would say that in order to succeed in remote management, it is necessary to go even further in letting go, and to trust one’s collaborators, while reminding them of the direction of upcoming projects and deadlines.

Abstract 2:

For a library always open, even online and remotely by Karima Messad, Librarian

The lockdown that followed the health crisis forced libraries to adopt a new way of working: TELEWORKING. Each librarian was then mobilized in order to continue the activity and keep the LIBRARY OPEN, ONLINE AND REMOTELY. To do so, we have had to adapt with AGILITY our library by developing new ways of accessing resources and services. The main objective was to be able to offer a 100% ONLINE LIBRARY AND A 100% AVAILABLE STAFF. We have reinvented the front office service : mailbox and tchat was assigned to a full-time librarian so that all requests could be processed and redirected. A new FAQs has been published online with all updated information. All the training planned on site had to be revised and designed into webinars. The librarians worked hard to adapt their lecture into a virtual classroom and interactive session. New tutorials videos were also created and published online to consolidate help and facilitation. Then and in order to satisfy remote requests and needs, it was necessary to increase the budget for ONLINE RESSOURCES : more ebooks, new databases, more simultaneous connections, databases packages extended etc) COMMUNICATION AND USER RELATIONS have been essential during this specific period. All librarians published on social media and professional network to inform on a daily basis about the digital tools and services available to them. During the 50 days of lockdown (and still today), librarians worked hard to reduce the impact of the closure on users needs, and tried to stay connected with them


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